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The Great Game of Kashrut is a revolution. It is a book and system created to empower Jews to learn Kashrut in a fun and engaging way. The book is illustrated and designed to engage both sides of the brain. It strikes the magical balance between being interesting and engaging while still being deeply-rooted in authentic sources. It’s designed to overcome multiple challenges including access to difficult texts, short spans of attention, being bored by halacha, sadness, frustration, and confusion. Here’s why it works.

  • Teachers and Students: Schools, Yeshivot, Seminaries, Shuls, Organizations. This can be “played” (taught) in multiple settings. It’s interactive design is a perfect addition to the classroom. The fast and curious nature of the materials can coincide with your curriculum without changing your program. It can be taught in a chabura or given as a complete shiur spread out over months. The program provides a complete interactive experience for teaching and learning Kashrut in a whole new way.
  • Parents and Children. This is a great gift for parents who want to deepen their connection with their children in a meaningful yet fun way that your children will enjoy. Children absolutely love it because it’s visually engaging and the case-based approach makes it a pleasurable way to engage in learning Torah. Parents love it because they see their children excited and happy learning Torah in an enthusiastic and positive way. 
  • Studying for Semicha. When we created this we wished that someone had done this for us while studying for the semicha exam. It helps the serious student and Talmud Chacham visualize and access the cases from the Shulchan Aruch in a powerful, memorable way.
  • Women and Men who Want to Learn the Basics of Kashrut. Unfortunately, confusion and frustration reign in the world of Kashrut. But it doesn’t have to be that way. So much of what we know about Kashrut comes from what we “heard” someone say. Much of what is circulated today creates unnecessary frustration and hurts shalom bayit. Ignorance is not bliss. This system empowers the learner to know what the actual halacha, chumra or kula is. It illustrates the difference between mistaken urban legends, myths, facts and misnomers. With authentic sources presented in an engaging way, the learner is armed with the knowledge to make an informed choice. These materials help support individuals to know when and how to properly formulate a question to their Rav to determine the right psak that is best for them. We encourage each person to learn as well as turn to their Rabbi or qualified posek for actual guidance. 
  • Media. If you are looking for fun, engaging, and meaningful fresh content this just might be for you. These materials are rife with visually-appealing content and stories that captivate readers and viewers. We can provide you with fascinating statistics, stories, insights into kashrut and gamification. The materials can be used in a series or a single story.  
  • Newsletters for Shuls and Organizations. If you want to add a series of cartoons that your members will look forward to reading consider this program. Ask us for permission to use our “Kashrut in a box” program. You will get special access to a game and a number of illustrations with their explanations to insert into your newsletter. This keeps your members engaged with your organization and looking forward to the next week’s newsletter.   
  • Companies. If you want to promote your brand and grow your business consider harnessing the power of this program.  The Kashrut market is exploding. One of the best ways to increase sales and customer engagement is through content marketing. These materials lend themselves to easy promotions. There are multiple ways that this can improve your marketing. Our programs range from complete custom-designed books with your product featured on the cover and inside the cases; premium free gift offers; holiday promotions; coloring books; stickers, board games; on-pack promotions; business-to-consumer; business-to-business gifts…and more. Just contact us and we will work with you to develop a program that is right for you and your budget. Our team has a deep background in marketing and advertising. With our materials, experience, creativity, and your product or service, this just might be the next big idea that you were looking for.
  • How to use the book to engage your shabbos table 
  • How to use gamification and fun to teach your class with the Great Game of Kashrut
  • Plus other videos that are quick, easy and enjoyable to watch

Link to download a Leader’s Guide with Cases overview, teaching insights, class handouts, sources and more is available via email at Once you have the book, get the behind-the-scenes information and training to bring it to life.

  • If you want to share this with your community, we will support you.
  • We will train you on how to understand — and teach — each case.
  • Marketing: Together we can help you promote the course with a “Promo in a Box.” Some potential materials that you can use to promote your course could include: 
    1. Flyers 
    2. Newsletter inserts
    3. Posters
    4. Press release 
    5. Postcards
    6. Email promotions 
    7. Social media posts
    8. A landing page template with your information…contact us at:

Learn how to teach a case or even a full course. Receive confidential teacher’s guides, presentation materials and full sources.  

From time to time we offer both in-person and online courses on Kashrut. Simply contact us to find out what is available in your area or online.

Yes. We have been endorsed by many leading Rabeim around the world. Including but not limited to…


Keynotes & Webinar, Scholar In Residence Topics

Do you want to bring an engaging crowd-pleaser to your group? Consider inviting Rav Don Channen and/or Rabbi Yaakov Goldman to your group. We can do a 1 hour webinar, 90 minute keynote presentation, or be a scholar in residence for a weekend. 

Here is a partial list of topics:

  • How to engage your family with the fun of kashrut & Shabbat table
  • The kashrut gamification miracle
  • Top 10 Surprising but Practical Kashrut Cases 
  • The Magic: How to engage your students in a whole new way
  • The Great Game Kickoff: We provide a live kick-off in person, webinar or recording together with you to announce the Kashrut Challenge for your community
  • A Taste of Kashrut – An interactive workshop with delicious food and kashrut gamification.

Go here to see how to play and win prizes. It’s fast, fun, and loaded with prizes. 

To share the game with your friends or community 

  1. Here is the link 
  2. Here is a paragraph that you can share with the link:


Don’t miss out on the newest way to experience Kashrut – by playing it!

Discover the funnest, most engaging way to learn about Kashrut. This just might be the biggest upgrade in Kashrut education in the last 100 years. There is nothing like this in world of Jewish education today.


Here’s why most of the people who play keep coming back nearly every day…


  • Because it’s got the best of gamification and great content. 
  • It’s quick, entertaining, and engaging. It only take about 20 seconds.
  • Everyday there are short, relevant intriguing questions about Kashrut, with different levels for everyone in the family.  
  • If you answer the question then you get entered into that day’s raffle! Not just that but – the prize amount goes up with every person that plays! Everyday people are winning in two ways: 1-free prizes and giftcards 2- A shot of Jewish Joy and learning about Kashrut. Start now 


Don’t miss out – Join the hundreds of families who are already playing!


Daily trivia.

Daily fun.

Daily prizes.


Based on the sefer “The Great Game of Kashrut” by Rav Don Channen & Rabbi Yaakov Jon Goldman.

The book and concept were created by Rav Don Channen & Rabbi Yaakov Jon Goldman. Additionally, around the world, there are many Rabbis, schools and organizations who also participate, endorse and facilitate the process.  

The book was designed intentionally as a soft back book so that you can present the large illustrated pictures to your table. The paper is a thick and laminated. It was created for years of use with dirty hands (but please keep it clean;)

The beauty of this book is how it’s deceptively simple. At first glance, it looks like a simple children’s book. But once you dive in you quickly realize that it’s created to be learned on multiple levels from child to Talmud Chochom. The language and concepts in many places is more adult. This means that small children or young people with limited vocabulary in English will need help. Although children will spend hours with it looking at the pictures they may need support in understanding the concepts. Utilize the “Words To Remember” Glossary in the back to unpack and understand the key concepts. It’s written in clear simple terms so that the average adult person can quickly access it and understand it. 


Will adults feel comfortable “learning from this sefer”? It depends. If they are trying to impress others in a beit medrash with their mastery over the Shach and Taz in the Shulchan Aruch they likely won’t feel comfortable sitting with the book. On the other hand if they are comfortable in their own skin and are most interested in truth, joy and have a thirst for learning, they’ll bring the sefer with them. Many talmidei chochomim love using the book to supplement their learning. They also find it a helpful resource book to quickly find key concepts or teach others the principle. 


For example, when they are asked about “washing dishes in a sink or dishwasher” they will know exactly where to look. If their wife baked a challah in a fleishig oven and wants to now have it with butter they can quickly address the subtle nuances of the question. 

To participate in any of our classes simply take 20 seconds and become a member. It’s quick, easy and there’s no obligation.


  • It’s FREE and easy to get limited rights to include a set of images, explanations and insights into your newsletter.  Contact us at: 
  1. You can put your logo on the content for distribution. Do you remember the Maxwell House Haggada? This is an opportunity to put your brand on the cover or the books. We can also customize mini-books or cases with your brand inside the image area.
  2. Can be used as a  premium free/deeply discounted gift off full book if purchased.
  3. You can sponsor a day or month of the Game of The Day blast that is played by over a 500 people each day when it is running.
  4. Deck of cards.
  5. Board Game.
  6. Custom coloring book.
  7. Electronic pdf — free download can be obtained for your group.
  8. Your customers and prospects can play the online version and earn discounts or free products from your company.
  9. By doing this you educate your customers about Kashrut in a fun way which builds brand equity and deepens loyalty and customer engagement. Ultimately, this means increased sales and profits for your company.

Woo-hoo! It’s coming. We are working on it now and hope to have it published very soon. Let us know if you would like to get more information about the Hebrew version. Contact 

  2.  A press release about the Great Game of Kashrut including the miracle of Torah Gamification and surprising statistics
  3. Downloads of the Best of the Best for your publication.
  4. Videos about the Kashrut Revolution and Miracle of Gamification 
  5. An infographic about the Gamification of Kashrut

Attention teachers, Rabbis and educators! Finally, a new teaching aid that engages your students without disrupting your curriculum. The Great Game of Kashrut is designed in such a way that you can add in a five minute Kashrut case during your class time.

Your students love it because it’s fun, interesting, engaging, thought-provoking and visual.

Teachers love it because students are receptive and enjoy the learning. It helps teachers overcome the short span of attention that most students have today.

Parents love it because the student come home with great divrei torah that they can share with their family or at the Shabbat table. Contact for more tips…

We provide programs for groups from one hour to full day experiences.  We provide fun experiential education. A TASTE OF KASHRUT. The Great Game of Kashrut Day in Israel. This is fantastic for groups visiting Israel. Or Organizations/schools in Israel. All programs can be for 1 hour, 3 hours or a full day. Learn about Kashrut with your group. It includes; tasty foods, adventures, touring, interactive classes, scavenger hunt in the shuk, understanding Hekshersim in Israel

a. Taste of Kashrut in the Shuk:

Explore the Shuk in Jerusalem in a whole new way. It’s delicious, fun and fascinating. 


b. Taste of Learning for 1 hour, 3 hours or full day 

  • Fun interactive class 
    See hands on kashrut halachot
  • Includes Copy of the book
  • Prizes
  • Yummy food treats

c. Taste of Kashrut Tours 

  • Kosher Food Suppliers: This includes a visit to the best kosher food suppliers in the world. Includes tasting and seeing how the foods are produced. Understand the what’s, why’s and how of kosher food.


  • Wineries: Taste the best kosher wines in the world. Get an insider’s view to wine production


  • Chocolate factory or milk production from the cows to the carton.


  • Shmita farms and their inspiring stories.


  • Delicious Restaurants and kashrut with the behind the scenes

1. Ask Questions

  • What would you do?
  • Would you eat it?
  • If you were the Rabbi, would you allow it?

2. Point to things on the page

3. Get your audience to vote

4. If you are the presenter for example you are at a Shabbat table.

Take just 5 minutes to prepare. Read the case explanation page on your own, not in front of everybody. Then when you present it you will be engaged with everyone instead of trying to understand it on the spot. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you are not sure about something look at the Words To Remember in the back of the book. Go to the glossary to get all the background you need.

5. Read the Clues and The Three T’s Time, Taste and Temperature out loud.

This gives everyone some background information. Then ask then them to break out in pairs or you can invite them to start giving their opinions right away whether it is kosher or treif. After everybody votes read The Halacha and The Food for Thought

6. Wrap it up by reading the “Memory Hook” Rhyme outloud

Alternatively you can ask someone else to read it. Some people read the rhyme and ask everyone to try and guess what the last line in the rhyme is.. 

7. Have fun and share the light of Torah!

David sometimes felt like he was worth less than the ice-cream. When the ice-cream came to the table, everyone sat quietly and got involved in eating it. But when David tried to say a ‘Dvar Torah’, his kids yawned, or left the table to jump on the trampoline. His wife, Kayla, was always asking him to say something ‘spiritual’. When David heard about the Great Game of Kashrut he was skeptical. But with nothing to lose, he bought it, and opened it up at the Shabbat table to case number 1. It was amazing. Everyone looked at ‘Diverting a Dining Disaster’ and began talking at once. David fielded comments, asked questions, and gave away clues. And then everyone listened spellbound as David unpacked the case and explained the halacha which was clearly broken down on the next page. Kayla then stowed away the book at the top of her bedroom closet until next week. For this family, this will be a special Shabbat treat.