Great Game
of Kashrut

The book that demystifies Kashrut, making it fun, interactive and easy to understand.

How much do you know about Kashrut?
Get a feel for the book in a 90-second game >>

THE GREAT GAME OF KASHRUT a revolutionary book. It simplifies and ‘gamifies’ the most common and complicated Kashrut concepts, by bringing them to life as hilarious 'cases' that you, the reader, get to solve.

Open up the book, and watch the Shulchan Aruch come alive. Turn the page, and see the breakdown of each halachic scenario from different angles, based on Rishonim, Acharonim and contemporary poskim.

"This book simplifies some of the most complicated concepts in a way that is fun for young and old. I highly recommend it..."

- Rav Yitzchak Berkovitz

Posek & Rosh Yeshiva
The Jerusalem Kollel & Aish HaTorah

It’s time to unlock the laws of Kashrut to make them...


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…Easy to understand!

How much do you know about Kashrut?
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If you’re Jewish (and you eat), you need to know Kashrut. The challenge is:

It’s hard to learn.

If you aren’t accustomed to learning Shulchan Aruch, the unknown terms and myriads of details in Hebrew and Aramaic can be hard to visualize. And how do those laws translate into your common kitchen mishaps?

It’s difficult to teach.

The average human attention span nowadays is just 8 seconds! And you’re competing with movies, phones and video games. How do you get millennials and students engaged in the laws of kashrut?

It’s confusing.

There’s a gap between hearsay and halacha. And it gets wider with every kitchen blunder. Is there a way out of the anxiety, arguments and mistaken assumptions (without 37 phone calls to your LOR)?

If you see someone in a non-kosher restaurant, what to do?

Give it a second thought...

There is no joy like getting out of doubt. What do you do if you ate a hot dog but don’t recall how long it’s been?

Can you eat your ice cream cone?

Can you buy a bottle of liquor with a worm in it?

There are some very engaging cases in here...

How does it work?

Each page of the book is a ‘case’ complete with hilarious scenarios, memorable characters, questions and clues.

Each case has 2 sections: Click the following images

Side 1: The problem which needs solving

Side 2: The information, answers, clues and memory hooks to solve the case

Here are 3 super-engaging examples:

"What happens if a hot dog is thrown and lands in a bowl of cereal with milk?"

This is an example of the illustrated case

This is an example of the explanation of the case

“What happens if you find not one but two bugs? Should you say something or not?”

“What happens if mischievous kids hold up a shawarma stand and threaten to shoot the shwarma unless you give them money?"

Top tip: When presenting, hold up Side 1 to your audience, with Side 2 of the answers facing you.

Walking through The Great Game of Kashrut was a phenomenal experience. The book simplifies some of the most complicated concepts in Kashrut in a way that is fun for young and old. I was followed by my children (who are quite learned themselves) and grandchildren who all enjoyed it immensely.

I’m inspired by Rav Don Channen’s mastery of Kashrut, his insightful ability to teach in such a clear way and his rich talent in illustrating Torah concepts.

Rabbi Yaakov Goldman has combined Torah scholarship, a creative mind and a great sense of humor to produce a whole new concept in Torah study. I highly recommend it…”

  – Rav Yitzchak Berkovits

Posek, Rosh Kollel, The Jerusalem Kollel;

Rosh HaYeshiva, Aish HaTorah;

Mara D’asra (Halakhic Authority) for Sanhedria Murchevet Jerusalem

The Great Game of Kashrut was created by Rav Don Channen and Rabbi Yaakov Jon Goldman. It’s the culmination of over four  and a half years of research and development. The book and course strikes the magical balance of being both fun and engaging while being educationally deeply-rooted in authentic Torah sources.

The Great Game
of Kashrut

  • Debunks Kashrut myths
  • Creates confidence for cooks
  • Is playful enough for children
  • Is lomdish (deeply academic) enough for adults
  • Sharpens skills & brain-power
  • Leads to better Shalom Bayit
  • Has rich content for readers
  • Has quick bites for scanners
  • Ensures you ask the correct shaila to your Rav
  • Helps you eat kosher!

Get a feel for the book in a 90-second game >>

Here’s what is said about R’ Channen’s Kashrut works:

"This amazing book is based on halacha I'ma'aseh, written by an expert in Kashrut in a succinct way that is easy to understand by all of Klal Yisrael."

- Rabbi Yitzhak Goldstein, Shlita.

Make your Shabbat table the place to be

Where halachot used to be yawn-inducing, or a cue for the kids to run and play, now you’ll have everyone (even your teenagers) hooked. They’ll be laughing, sharing ideas, and most of all, learning something new. Until now it was impossible to get anyone listening. Now, with an exciting Kashrut problem to solve — in an-easy-to-use format — you can make everyone happy.

Get your students interested in your lessons

Unfortunately, many students find Kashrut tedious, irrelevant and hard to remember. Enter The Great Game of Kashrut into the classroom. Suddenly, there’s a worm in a bottle of tequila. And adult students are like: “Hey, we love tequila! What now? What are the clues? Who can solve the challenge?”

Dump your false assumptions (not your soup) down the drain

False assumptions about Kashrut can make you frustrated and anxious, lead to over-stringency, and cause unnecessary friction between spouses (“What do you mean we can’t eat supper?”). This book makes Kashrut easy. Practice it in your own kitchen. Understand what’s a problem and what isn’t, and when to call a Rav (plus what to ask). Free yourself from nagging worry and doubt, and feel confident that you’re eating, and serving, kosher food.

"I am certain this book will greatly help both scholars and laymen from making a mistake in understanding the many laws of Kashrut."

- HaRav Yehoshua Cohen, Shlita.

Never before has there been a learning tool that is so interactive, and, at the same time, so rich in depth.


Written with genius, each page contains layers of meaning, making this perfect for all ages and stages: a child, a teen — and, at the deepest level, a student training for semichah, or a Rebbe teaching in his classroom. The more you learn about Kashrut, the more meaning you’ll find.

How much do you know about Kashrut?

Play the 90-second game >>>

32 highly relevant, visually engaging cases

Scenarios bound to happen to you in one way or another.

3T’s: Time, Taste, Temperature

A revolutionary way to analyze each case and help you solve the problem.
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Charlie the Chicken, Sammie the Shamir and the Clue Meister

Your friends along this journey. They’ll give you clues and tips, so stay on good terms with them all!

Deeply rooted in sources

Each case is analyzed and resolved comprehensively with strict, medium and lenient opinions, the accepted custom and many other interesting points.
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No other book gives a memory hook

Every case ends with a rhyme so you can retain the halacha for next time and then for sure you’ll know what to do when the same scenario happens to you!

Glossary of key terms

A first-of-its-kind glossary, explaining and clarifying the important Hebrew and Aramaic terms relating to Kashrut, making it easy for you to take this journey.
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"Finally, a Kashrut program that brings the class to life!" - Rabbi Michael Pollack, London, England
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"It's so much fun. We have lively discussions at our Shabbat table as we go through the cases. The cartoons keep the little ones involved and engaged." - Shoshana Lepon
Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
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"The Great Game of Kashrut has changed the playing field of Kashrut forever. My students love it…" - Rabbi Ephraim Horowitz
Baltimore, Maryland
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"This book is the missing link that we've been looking for. Counter-intuitive and fun, it engages students like nothing I've ever seen. Its game format opens up authentic sources that are otherwise impenetrable." - Rabbi Chanan Gordon, Los Angeles, California
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"Ahh, sanity. The Great Game of Kashrut frees us halachically plus it is so easy to do. Thank you for helping us see what the real choices are that we can choose from — thank you…" - Rabbi Robert Karr
Passaic, New Jersey
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"I gave a shiur using the book and found that the women were absolutely fascinated." - Rabbi Michael Lewis
Melbourne, Australia
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"I sat with my kids and went through The Great Game of Kashrut. It's been such a special time and has created special memories. Thank you!" - Rabbi Joey Weitz
Toronto, Canada
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"The amount of thought & ingenuity that went into this book is truly impressive." - Rabbi Zev Leff, Rosh Ha Yeshiva - Yeshiva Gedolah
Matiryahu; Rav - Moshav Marityahu, Israel
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Presented with humor. Layered with meaning. Rooted in halacha.

Every time you look at it, you’ll learn something new.

Experience The Great Game of Kashrut — you’ve got nothing to lose.

We’re confident that once you experience this book you’ll love it. That’s why we’re willing to take this risk: If this book did not provide a major upgrade in your clarity, understanding and joy of Kashrut, simply send it back and you’ll get a full refund (including any original shipping) — no questions asked.